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Darryl F.

The 3d system works very, very, well.  What an awesome experience!  Thank you!


Paul M.
Human Environment Group Ltd.
Calgary, AB

Thanks for your fantastic service.  Rest assured all, and every one, of my future projector purchases will be through you folks.
Your commitment to service has won me over.  Not seen very often these days, so a big Thanks!!!


Matt S.
Central Erin Property Management

Jay from Consignia.ca was more than helpful in accomadating to my needs. I was very pleased at his commitment to his customers and his willingness to make the transaction easier for me.

Overall the service was outstanding, the delivery time was remarkable and the Projector met my expectations. I have referred Consignia.ca to my employer for future purchases and will undoubtedly make them my #1 choice for my future needs.


Darren M.
Wellington, NS

Testimonial #1

Thanks once again for your incredible customer service.  I know I am not the average shopper! I also demand a high level of technical advise before selectively purchasing !!  The projector I purchased this time is perfect for our family needs, and a choice which was a direct result from your advice!
Although I had beleived the 3D may not be something needed or used, my kids seem to be enjoying the novelty of the whole experience, and we havent even yet looked at the 3D PS3 stuff, only movies!!!
On this purchase also, its once again refreshing to see a company with great customer service, concerned about just that "customer service" rather than just the sale.  This is why I will continue to direct people to Consignia for purchases!!!
Customers could never get this level of service or advice from the BIG BOX store people (kids), who barely remember what products they sell so how can they advise you on which one is best!! Beleive me, this comment is from experience !!!
I will be talking to you again in the future, when our needs once again need to be considered for home theatre projection!!!
Testimonial #2

I consider myself a demanding consumer, with demanding needs (not always the norm), but have found little reassurance in the Big Box stores for purchases as they just have generic knowlege, not expertise, so I have found it best to do the research myself when ashopping here.

Although I don't consider myself old, I do remember the days when
local businesses proudly provided their niche of expertise and advice and also backed this up with service!!!
The "local economy" has all but vanished for these types of merchants, due to the popularity of big box stores and now the internet!
I confess, I also shop differently and by internet today.  But luckily, I have found a method to locate personal service orientated retailers using the security of Ebay and PayPal for my introductory purchase.  In this way, I have located a few retail "gems" that stand out by thier use of advice and follow up communication to illustrate "that same old personal service"  I was looking for.  
After trusting in their products (purchased through Ebay), I have returned to them directly for future purchases to experience their "local style sevice"!    Consignia is one of these "gems" !
I wrote my last note, and this one,  as it is not the trend today for people to validate or praise the efforts made by companies like Consignia who remain:  "local like" or "niche experts".     Its not likely always as easy to survive, as the big box companies have quantity and numbers on their side!

It is my belief, if such companies (as Consignia) can survive the onslaught from the Big Box stores, they will outlive them!
Why? The key to every purchase is service (helping a customer make the choice) and satisfaction (the customer knowing they purchased the right item).
Both areas, Big Box stores have little interest beyond the cash register, and both areas is where companies like yours exceeds them by far !!!!
Great Job!
See you again for further purchases!!!


Curt C.
Sangudo, AB

First off, as a repeat customer, I would like to say thank you for your great customer service, speedy delivery, and great products. I ordered an Optoma HD200X from you folks last year, and with over 3000 hours on the bulb, it is still going strong and problem free.

Scott Brunermer

I just had to thank you again for recommending the Optoma EP1691 projector!  We really love it, we have used it for outdoor theater and a little bit inside also.  I’m trying not to burn up the lamp since they are pricey and don’t last incredibly long.
Anyways I wanted to share this with you – it has meant a lot to me that you were so responsive to my questions, and very helpful with the entire purchase.  Hope you are successful, because your service was worth every penny to me.

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